Reversing Cameras

reversing camerasSeeing behind you in a motorhome, box van or lorry is not always possible

even some cars and ATV's have limited vision.

Parking sensors are useful for colision warning, but it's far better to see whats really there.


Multiple Options, Colour LCD monitors.

For a custom camera solution start by choosing from a selection of monitors
Most support two camera inputs with some allowing four cameras at once.

Monitors typically come with a bracket to fix to the dash and there is a version that clips onto the
rear view mirror.


Cable and Wireless

Camera to monitor connection is achived either with a cable or wirelessly .
Wireless transmitters are syncronised with each other to avoid random signals from other cameras.
With most monitors displaying signal strength bars.

Improved camera technology

Cameras are available with bracket, roof, side and flush mounts.
Rectangular, round and bullet shapes, with one being the same size as a reversing sensor.

Most cameras have infra-red LED's for night vision - giving a black and white image.