diagnosticsThere are many lights on the dash of a modern vehicle

Some are more important than others and cannot be ignored

A few are M.O.T failures when illuminated, and can only be reset with diagnostic equipment.


Informing the driver of faults

Many vehicle critical components are monitored by a computer called an ECU (Engine Control Unit)

When a problem is detected, the driver is informed by a warning light on the dash

But the cause is not always shown.



Using an interface with the car, we communicate with the ECU and identify the components
and circuits that are not operating as expected.

It also allows remote bypassing of switches and sensors to check their function.

Plug in the computer

Identification of faulty components and their operation leads to a quicker diagnosis and repair.

In many cases 'real-time' data can be viewed by the technician as the engine is running.


Reducing the costs

We use computer diagnostics to help keep the repair costs down for our customers

quicker fault finding greatly reduces the labour time in finding the faults - which is often the largest part of the customers bill.