Unit Repairs

starter repairsSo many items that go faulty on vehicles are thrown away, and replaced with new ones

and while this maybe a quick fix, it's not always the cheapest.

Repairing Alternators and Starter motors is an option rarely offered by garages today, but we still do it


Repairing Alternators and Starter Motors

Once you bring in a unit, we will give a general idea what may be causing the fault,
and if you decide to leave it with us, we will call you with a quote with the price to repair it.

Please note, that some faults are beyond economcial repair and older units may now be obsolite,
In either case we will to our best to find you an alternative replacement.


Repair times

Most repairs, subject to parts availability are completed by the next day
(excluding weekends and bank holidays).

It most cases unit repairs are cheaper than buying a replacement, in the case it's not a price for
another unit will be given.

Our Repairs

We Warrant the components that we have fitted for one year,
Unless the failure was caused by external reasons ie: over cranking, fuel supply or glow plug problems. (units that are 'cooked' - smell burnt, are not normally considered warranty).