small exide logoWe stock a large range of batteries that fits most Car, Van, Commercial, Agricultural, Motorhome and Motorcycle applications.

From Lead-acid and AGM type to the deep cycle leisure variations, we stock the most commonly used products on the shelf and ready to be fitted.

Most exide batteries are either low or no maintenance free - so there's no need to keep checking fluid levels.


Battery testing with the Exide EBT-165P tester

We use this small hand-held device to provide us with an accurate battery test condition report.

This tool has a Starter, Alternator and battery test fuction and results are printed out after the test.



Replacing the battery is no longer a simple task with many vehicle
manufacturers locating their batteries in harder to change locations.

From inside the boot, under the floor and even under the seats.

The Exide BRT-12 Programmer

Since 2006, many vehicles have computer controlled charging technology, which alters the voltage the battery recieves over time.

These cars must be programmed whenever a battery is replaced to reset the voltage to the correct rate.

Otherwise the battery could fail prematurely and may not be covered under warranty.



Old, scrap batteries are returned to Exide under a recycle scheme,
where the lead is recovered and used to make new batteries.